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Welcome to Lore.


We help people who want to improve their health and need a little help doing so.



We leverage our supportive online community, as well as healthy lifestyle interventions, to help people protect and boost their health.



Our clinicians believe that lifestyle interventions and healthy communities are  
vital to improving health.


We provide access to an online network of supportive peers, as well as upfront funding for health items and services that help people learn about their health, so we can better care for our users and promote equality of access for all.

Doctor Talking To Patient
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Our users have big life goals, and they need good health to achieve them. Lore Health participants:

  • Use the Lore online platform to learn about new lifestyle habits they can try

  • Interact online with other people in the community who are working to improve their health

  • Are supported in focusing on their daily health, including by receiving access to in-home health testing whenever possible

  • Receive a warm hand-off to any in-person care they need


In addition to employers, we partner with healthcare systems, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who are committed to improving health and enhancing quality of care for their patients. Our ideal partners believe that helping people improve their nutrition, sleep, and stress response is as important as prescribing medications and scheduling procedures. We can provide partners with: 

  • Access to shared resources, reporting, data, analytics, and a provider community that make it easier to prescribe and assess lifestyle medicine interventions

  • Upfront monthly payments to fund lifestyle interventions

  • An online community for people to focus on daily health

  • Additional payments via shared savings generated

  • For Medicare providers, recognition of participating in an Advanced Alternative Payment Model (AAPM) and as a Qualified Participant Provider for MIPS

Checking Blood Pressure

Most social media makes you less healthy. But what if social media could boost your health?

We believe that community can power healthy lifestyles and habits. Instead of communities suffering as people struggle with their health (a common phenomenon, as around half of Americans are living with a worsening chronic disease), communities can thrive through Lore.

Lore users have access to social support, information, and free lifestyle medicine treatments through our platform. By reducing stress and improving nutrition, exercise, and sleep, we want to help people improve their health every day.


We're here because we believe that people want to be healthy and that their health will improve if they have daily access to care, information about lifestyle medicine, and help from friends and family. We believe that people will benefit from supporting others as they work to improve their health. We believe that people should be able to get help from a doctor 24/7. We believe that medication is not just drugs, but anything that you do to your body, including sleep, exercise, and nutrition. We believe that most health screenings and lab tests can be done from the safety of your home. We believe that a lifestyle-medicine focused, people-oriented, community-based approach will help each of us achieve the healthiest version of ourselves. And we're excited for you to join us.


We are currently looking for like-minded providers who are interested in partnering with Lore. Submit this form if you want to learn more and we'll reach out to schedule a get-to-know-you conversation.

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